The Findhorn Village Conservation Company

TFVCC (The Findhorn Village Conservation Company) is a community led and controlled company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  We were set up in 2011 and our membership is open to anyone on the electoral roll living in the postcodes of Findhorn village.

Our first successful registration was made in 2011 when we worked to record our interest in the Armstrong Garages Site. Just as we were hoping to move to the purchase of the site it was withdrawn from the market.  However our registrationcan be renewed in 2016.

There is a strong community backing for the principle of land ownership by the community and the company is working with Novar Estates to bring this about.

A Feasibility Study and Business Plan were commissioned in 2013 by TFVCC Directors to assess the benefits and challenges that the community purchase of land could bring over the short and longer term.

Our short term goal is to make a successul bid to the government for capital funds from the Scottish Land Fund to take land in and around Findhorn village and the intertidal part of Findhorn Bay into long term community ownership.

Longer term through ownership, we would aim to increase the capacity of the Findhorn village community and local groups to build knowledge and skills and encourage innovation and collective action in tackling local development and conservation issues and projects.

Across Scotland, land is being bought by communities who wish to remove the uncertainty inherent in private ownership. Land ownership by the community will unlock tangible assets including land, but it is the intangible skill and determination of people that will see opportunities and accomplish projects - for Findhorn village we will need both.


"Good place-making can provide communities with an important cultural context; a sense of pride and belonging; and a sense of local and national identity.  It can provide environments which function well; link well with surrounding settlements and provide attractive areas in which to socialise, to move around and to do business."
Scottish Government


The Findhorn village photograph courtesy of Coast2Coast Architects, Findhorn