Trustees of the Findhorn Dunes Trust will be painting warning symbols on some of the Second World War concrete tank traps near the Disabled Car Park at the north end of Dunes Road.

Both Moray Council and Historic Environment Scotland are aware that the Findhorn Dunes Trust do this in the interests of public safety.

Anyone interested in the other work of the Findhorn Dunes Trust should contact their Convenor on 07403 844 344.

26 March 2021

Findhorn's Seal Colony

Findhorn Bay is recognised as an internationally important habitat and has a wide range of both common and threatened species.  The Bay has a number of formal designations: it is part of the Moray and Nairn Coast Special Protection Area; a designated RAMSAR site; a national Site of Special Scientific Interest; a Local Nature Reserve. 

TFVCC has received a report of seals being disturbed on the sandbanks at the back shore at low tide on a number of occasions recently.  Witnesses have reported instances where people and unleashed dogs have approached the seals and forced them from their resting place on the sandbanks back into the sea.  As our website and social media platform has a growing number of followers and the village is seeing an increase in visitors, we would like to bring this matter to beach users attention to help raise awareness and encourage respect for the local wildlife.

Findhorn’s population of Grey and Common Seals are protected under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c.) Regulations 1994, and The Protection of Seals (Designation of Haul-Out Sites) (Scotland) Order 2014 also applies.  The latter Protection of Seals Order means that it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take a seal at any time of year, except to alleviate suffering or where Marine Scotland has issued a licence to do so.

While it is understandable that people may want to get a closer look when the tide is out, it is essential that people keep a respectful distance and ensure that dogs are kept under control so as not to cause unnecessary stress to the seals at rest on the sandbanks.  

Detailed information on the legislation protecting seals can be found on the Nature Scotland Protected Species web page  and the Findhorn Bay Local Nature Reserve has a great website giving more information about the flora and fauna of the bay.

07 March 2021

TFVCC Projects Update

Work is moving on at pace at the West Beach Car Park and we thank everyone for their patience and hope that residents and visitors have not been inconvenienced.

We want to assure everyone that all work is being carried out following consultation with specialists to ensure we are limiting impact and protecting this area. We are thankful for the specialists support, in doing so we have been able to identify areas that need special care and management.   We will be working with different specialists to identify suitable planting once the hard workings are done. This is important not only for cosmetic reasons but to protect the dunes area.

TFVCC has a responsibility to manage the land, which is done following discussions with specialist who can advise us on the correct methods to use.    Last week we were asked why some conifer tree saplings had been cut down on the dunes at the point.  Again TFVCC sought out  specialist advise before carrying out this work.  Tree species in general may colonise dune systems naturally as part of natural succession (provided the dune is stable enough) but in many places (including Culbin Bar to the west) conifer trees are removed to try and retain the mobile dune habitat and prevent it from becoming too stabilised with tree roots. RSPB carry out this work on their Reserve.

It was our intention to put out a notification, prior to this work being carried out, via our Facebook and website page, unfortunately we did not do this, for this we apologise.  We had the opportunity to have the saplings cut back when our  contractor was down doing essential gorse clearing as part of manging fire risks and he was able to carry out the sapling work as well.  In the current circumstances we are endeavouring to carry out work despite the constrictions that Covid 19 has place on many contractors.  We took the opportunity to have the work done when contractor was on site which meant we did not communicate as planned.

22 February 2021



Improvement works at the West Beach Car Park will commence Monday 1st February 2021 and are expected to be completed by 31 March 2021.  Please click here for full details.

28 January 2021

Looking for a little help?

The Fairer Moray Forum is Moray's leading poverty focus group and is made up of partner organisations with a direct interest in supporting individuals and families struggling with financial hardship.  This year has been especially difficult  for many and we have produced the leaflet attached to provide details of key support contacts to assure people that help is available.  

Looking for a little help?

16 December 2021

Proposed Parking Plan For 2021

Findhorn West Beach Car Park

Further information, including details of online booking for motorhomes and waste disposal point, will be published as the project progresses.

28 November 2020


Do you have an interest in shaping how TFVCC develops the infrastructure for tourism in Findhorn? 


We are seeking applications from Company members to join the Car Park Working Group.  Our Change of Use planning permission has been granted by Moray Council. The Car Park Working Group will initially focus on the development of the car park and motorhome stop over at the West Beach Car Park.  The aim is to have an efficient infrastructure in place to manage the car park and motorhome stopover in place by April 2021 in time for the start of the summer tourist season

The group will be led by Director Donald Watson and an additional 2-3 members.  If you would like to be actively involved in progressing this significant project for the village please email  findhornvcc@gmail.com using subject heading ‘Car Parks Working Group’ with a brief description of skills you have that you would bring to the group. Please contact us by 30th November 2020. This is an opportunity to help shape how Findhorn manages our visitors whilst protecting our beautiful environment.

Members must reside in the village of Findhorn as per our Articles of Association  If you would like to join TFVCC membership forms can be found on Membership Form or email findhornvcc@gmail.com .  A hard copy can be picked up from  the Findhorn Village Centre.  Completed forms can be emailed to findhornvcc@gmail.com or dropped off/posted to Findhorn Village Centre.

09 November 2020



Scottish Government - the Register of Community Interests in Land

The Company application to register a community interest in the building ,shed and land adjacent to 43 A Findhorn has been accepted by the Scottish Government. This ensures that the Company will be notified if the buildings are put up for sale and given the first opportunity to purchase the property at market value.

Over the years this building and sheds looking on to Findhorn Bay have had differing uses from being the “Engine Shed” for the Findhorn Railway Company to more recently, by kind permission from the owner, as a storage base for the former Windsurfing Club and currently used by the Findhorn Coastal Rowing Club.

Should the opportunity arise to take ownership, the Company would envisage the building and shed being used as a facility for community use. There would be consultation with the residents of Findhorn before proceeding.

David Urquhart Memorial Path

Site work on the Findhorn Path project has recommenced after being closed since 24th March due to the Coronavirus restrictions. The contractor began setting up the site again on June 1st. We expect the site team will be working now 3/4 weeks for 4-5 weeks*. During this time the path is closed for public use and we ask that this is respected. After this period we will follow on with the soft landscaping works. This will include re-seeding grassed verges as well as the preparation of the planted areas.

*Updated following further feedback from contractor 04/06/2020

Back Beach Access Road

In recognition of comments recently raised, TFVCC will undertake consultation in the autumn with Findhorn residents  concerning the future of this road .However, for the time being it remains unsuitable for vehicles as the notice advises. Work will begin  shortly with the aid of 39 Regiment and the Dunes Trust to protect the adjoining area and to prevent vehicles accessing this scientifically important dune environment. For this reason, and for the safety of the public and those working on this project, the road will be closed during this time.



We are pleased to announce that work has commenced on the David Urquhart Memorial Accessible Path along the shore front in Findhorn. Anderson Group began the site work on the 13th January and are scheduled to complete in 10 to 12 weeks.

The improved path will be predominantly finished in a self-binding gravel surface. Sample areas of these were prepared and ‘voted’ on by local residents and visitors to Findhorn as the path design proposals were developed with landscape architects Horner & MacLennan. Concreted areas are to be altered and extended where necessary at the numerous slipways so that existing excessive cross falls are eliminated. The working group We are delighted with the progress and all support received for the project to date, despite inevitable challenges ‘along the way’.

The Findhorn Village Conservation Company look forward to the path completion enabling a much wider range of people to enjoy the views along the Bay.

Note – During construction sections of the path will be closed to the public for construction work. We apologise for any inconvenience and ask you to respect the notices on the grounds of Health and Safety.


















Representatives from the path working group, architects (Horner and MacLennan) and contractors ( Anderson Group Ltd).



David Urquhart Memorial Path – Findhorn


Findhorn was bequeathed money by David to build a wheelchair access path along its shore and

enable all visitors to enjoy the stunning views. David asked The Findhorn Village Conservation

Company to manage this project.

The Findhorn Village Conservation Company (TFVCC) has used the bequest from the late David

Urquhart to raise £170,000 for the project. This has been achieved through successful applications to

funders and by the support of residents in the Village by organising various events. We are nearly

there but still need a final £15,000 to meet funding deadlines.

We have contacted newspapers and other media sources so that we can reach a wider audience of

people who love Findhorn. People of Findhorn have settled all over the world and they have a strong

affinity with the village and many still regard it as home. We hope hope that this campaign of

reaching out along with the launch of our crowd funding appeal will help us to raise the outstanding

amount and enable us to commence work on the path before the end of November.

Why the launch at this time?

We need the final £15,000 because some of the secured funding has a time limit and beyond that

time it lapses and can no longer be accessed. We have to ensure that the funds can be used to

construct the path as failure to raise this final amount may mean that we will not be able to go ahead with the project.

Thank you for your support in this project, we just hope it will soon ‘be on the ground’.

The crowdfunding page is -


For further details, please contact TFVCC chairman Frank Allan on 07557-669312 or

email – findhornvcc@gmail.com

TFVCC is a community company set up in 2011 to provide, improve and maintain environmental

benefits for Findhorn village.

23 Oct 2019

Final Accounts to March 2019 & AGM Presentation published - see link from Minutes page.

AGM - Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 7.00pm in the James Milne Institute, Findhorn



The Community Action Plan has been produced using Planning for Real® methodology by and for the village of Findhorn, with the assistance of The Moray Council, Community Support Unit, numerous local individualsand organisations (www.planningforreal.org.uk).  To see the results of the consultation, please click here.



A parking fee system for cars and campervans has been introduced at the North Shore parking area.  This was included in the original business plan when TFVCC acquired the land around the village and is part of the strategy to be able to continue to run this charity with balanced incomes and outgoings.  

Unfortunately, managing this land does incur necessary running costs and it is essential that we gain sufficient income to cover this. TFVCC runs with no profit. All money collected will be used entirely to cover the necessary costs of sustaining and improving the area for all to enjoy.

The system is based on the use of an honesty box, which is emptied daily.




We are pleased to be able to notify our members that we have been successful in purchasing the Armstrong Garages off Seaforth Lane, Findhorn. A small amount of work needs to be completed before we can offer them for rent to our members and then the wider village.

Details of the rental charges, the lettings policy, lease and other relevant information are now available on the "Garages" page of this site.

We would suggest that if you are interested you complete the application form and return it to us at Findhorn Village Centre. Church Place. The applications will then be passed to the Secretary of TFVCC who will, with the help of other board members, contact the successful applicants and set a date for occupation.

The majority of the funding came from the Scottish Land Fund, however although some members gave very generously TFVCC had to meet a shortfall. This has been covered by a commercial loan and we are keen to repay this as soon as possible.

We need at least a further £18,000 to repay the loan and a further £19,000 to bring the garages up to a really good standard.

We will therefore be writing to everyone in the Village to ask them for a loan repayable after 5 years tp help us maximise the potential. Once the loan and improvement works have been completed we will use the income for the garages to improve other areas of the village. See Garages page for a form.


New newsletter out with update on current activity - see Newsletter tab.

Accounts for year ending March 2017 available to view - click link below.

Final accounts 31 March 2017


TFVCC Map of Findhorn

This map is available for viewing by arrangement in the Village Centre office between 9 am and 3 pm.


Project Structure

We are currently working on 4 different projects involving board members, volunteers and other village groups.

Click here to see who is involved in which project.


Public Meeting - Milne Institute - 9th November 2016

Hazel Allen of Athena Solutions gave a presentation of the findings of the Housing and Workshop Surveys.  

The majority of members were in agreement to move forward with the garage site acquisition.


Fundraiser - James Milne Institute - Friday 14th October – 7.30pm


Life, Poems and Music

Of Robert Burns

Presented by: Dougie Lawrence and Frank Allan

Suggested Donation - £5

Proceeds in Aid of –

Findhorn Village Conservation Company and David Urquhart Coastal Path

Bring your own Refreshments


AGM - Wednesday 8 June 2016 in James Milne Institute at 7.30 pm

Great News

On the 3rd March 2016 the Company TFVCC took ownership of the Novar Estates residual land in Findhorn.

The Board would like to invite you to a celebratory cheese and wine evening on the 8th April 2016 in the James Milne Institute at 7.30 pm. There will an opportunity to view the maps of the land, bay and foreshore. This event is open to members, associate members and anyone who has an interest in the future of the village. 

The purpose of the meeting is to highlight the achievement and to update you on the company progress and plans. 

The Board of Directors would like to thank all who have supported us through this challenging process. We hope that you are pleased with the outcome. The continued success of the company is dependent on a strong membership and ongoing consultation.

Membership application forms will be available at this meeting, but can also be obtained at any time from the Company Secretary at the address below or by downloading here.


The Scottish Land Fund has announced financial assistance to The Findhorn Village Conservation Company, in Moray, to take forward its plans for community ownership of part of the Novar Estate Holdings.

Thanks to a grant of £520,000, the community are now one step closer to owning the holdings which includes 61 hectares of amenity land within the village of Findhorn, and 800 hectares of the foreshore and intertidal land adjacent to the village.

Peter Hall Chairman of The Findhorn Village Conservation Company, said: “The Company is delighted with this award. This is an exciting project for the residents of Findhorn Village. Owning and managing the land and foreshore will give community empowerment to the people of Findhorn.  This will provide opportunities to both enhance and safeguard our unique environment for the benefit of all.”

Announcing the funding Scottish Land Fund Committee Chair, John Watt, said: “I am delighted that the Scottish Land Fund is helping the people of Findhorn move closer to their goal of community ownership. Initiatives like this give local people greater control of their own futures which also benefit future generations. I wish The Findhorn Village Conservation Company every success as they go onto  secure the final funding required to make their dream a reality.”

Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Dr McLeod, said: “I am delighted to see the latest round of Scottish Land Fund awards which will help communities in Moray to bring land into community ownership. These three communities have worked hard to identify land and develop plans for that land which will make a real difference to their long-term sustainability. I look forward to watching these projects develop and see the benefits that the Scottish Land Fund is bringing to communities throughout Scotland as the Scottish Government seeks to bring more land into community ownership by 2020.”

The First Minister recently announced the Scottish Land Fund will treble from £3 million this year to £10 million a year from 2016. This will make it easier for communities around Scotland who are interested in owning their land collectively to do so.


Further to the above announcement from the Scottish Land Fund the Board of Directors would like to thank all who have supported us through this challenging process. We hope that you are delighted with the outcome.

The Board would like to invite you to a public meeting on the 25th March 2015 in the James Milne Institute at 7.00 pm. The aim of the meeting will be to update you on progress and to celebrate this achievement. There will an opportunity to view the maps of the land and foreshore.

The continued success of the company is dependent on a strong membership and ongoing consultation. We would encourage those of you who are not members to join as this will enable you to vote on the future of the Company.
Membership application forms will be available at the meeting, on the website here, or from the Company Secretary - Marjory Barber, at the address at the bottom of this page.

We would like to thank all who have made pledges. We will provide details on how the pledges will be processed and collected later.

As the land has been valued independently by the District Valuer at £575,000, if you have not already made a pledge and would like to do so please see the relevant information under the heading Community Buyout - Urgent Appeal here.

Land transfer a great way forward for Findhorn

Click here to read the article featured in the Forres Gazette in November 2013.

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