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The Findhorn Village Conservation Company (TFVCC) is a community led and controlled company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  Formed in 2011, our membership is open to anyone on the electoral roll living in the postcodes of Findhorn village.

Across Scotland, land is being bought by communities who wish to remove the uncertainty inherent in private ownership. Land ownership by the community will unlock tangible assets, but it is the intangible skill and determination of people that will see opportunities and accomplish projects - for Findhorn village we will need both.  With strong community backing TFVCC applied to the Scottish Land fund and in 2016 were successful in our bid to buy the residual Novar Estates land in Findhorn.  

In 2018 TFVCC reached another major milestone by purchasing the Armstrong Garage site in the centre of Findhorn.  This was made possible by securing grant funding from the Scottish Land Fund, loans, and donations from the local community.   This site had historically been used for storing boats and contains buildings previously used as workshops and garages. Continuing to have ownership of this land by the people of Findhorn is an excellent strategic fit for the future development of the village, as it is centrally located and offers options to bring new vibrancy and life into the village itself. In addition to the extra facilities that this could provide, it generates rental income – an essential ingredient to provide a stable platform for the Company’s, and Findhorn’s, further development aims.

In 2021 the Company restarted negotiations to take over both public toilets in Findhorn, this was paused in 2020 due to uncertainty around COVID 19 implications. TFVCC secured the lease for the toilet block in the West Beach car park in March 2021 and continue to work with Moray Council to bring about transfer of ownership.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the area of land which is community-owned and managed by TFVCC in Findhorn village?

Please find a zoom-able map of the community-owned land boundary, here on Scotland's Land Information Service:

Is TFVCC anything to do with the Park Ecovillage or Findhorn Foundation?

No – TFVCC is the resident-led and controlled membership organisation which represents anyone on the electoral roll living in the postcodes of the historic coastal settlement of Findhorn village. The Park Ecovillage located south of the village falls outwith this area and has its own entirely separate community membership organisation(s).

Does TFVCC have anything to do with the Beach Huts?

No – the strip of land where the Beach Huts have been built was bought directly from Novar Estates before the Findhorn village community land buy-out was completed. TFVCC has had nothing to do with the subsequent development of the Beach Huts or their ongoing management.

Where can I find out more about TFVCC’s future plans for Findhorn village?

During 2024 TFVCC is working with Collective Architecture to develop a Local Place Plan for the Findhorn village area. The priorities identified in this consultation and planning process will inform and guide TFVCC’s work over the next 10 years. This plan will be published on our website as soon as it is finished.

How is TFVCC’s work financed?

TFVCC sources grants to undertake specific projects, and now generates income from the Findhorn Beach West Motorhome Stopover as well as the soon-to-be-implemented payment system for car parking in the Beach West car park.