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File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2021.04 Directors Meeting Website.pdf08 June 2021305kB
2021.03 Directors Meeting Website.pdf08 June 2021170kB
2021.02 directors meeting website.pdf04 April 2021194kB
2021.01 directors meeting website.pdf04 April 2021174kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
director meeting january 2020.pdf12 February 2020101kB
minutes of directors meeting february 2020.pdf04 April 2020105kB
minutes of directors meeting mach 2020 copy.pdf09 April 2020191kB
minutes of directors meeting april 2020.pdf08 May 2020117kB
minutes of directors meeting may 2020.pdf04 June 202096kB
minutes of directors meeting june 2020.pdf16 July 202096kB
minutes of directors meeting july 2020.pdf07 August 2020100kB
minutes of directors meeting august 2020.pdf09 September 2020106kB
director meeting 07.09 2020.pdf13 November 2020111kB
director meeting 05.10. 2020.pdf28 November 2020105kB
directors meeting draft 2 02.11.2020.pdf19 January 2021175kB
directors meeting 07.12.2020.pdf19 January 2021179kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2019.03.pdf02 June 201977kB
2019.02.pdf02 June 201966kB
2019.01.pdf02 June 201968kB
directors meeting 6th may 2019.pdf10 December 201973kB
directors meeting 1st april 2019 2.pdf10 December 201961kB
directors meeting june 2019 2.pdf12 December 2019103kB
directors meeting 1 july 2019 copy.pdf12 December 201993kB
directors meeting august 2019 1.pdf14 January 2020103kB
directors meeting september 2019 1.pdf14 January 2020107kB
director meeting october 2019 3.pdf14 January 2020100kB
director meeting november 2019 3.pdf14 January 2020106kB
director meeting december 2019.pdf12 February 2020103kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2018.04 directors meeting v2.pdf12 May 2018111kB
2018.03.pdf03 June 201891kB
2018.02.pdf05 June 201887kB
2018.01.pdf05 June 201887kB
2018.08.pdf04 February 2019122kB
2018.07.pdf04 February 2019102kB
2018.06.pdf04 February 201995kB
2018.05.pdf04 February 201992kB
edited minutes 092018.pdf21 April 201954kB
edited minuets 2018.10.pdf21 April 201976kB
edited minutes 2018.11.pdf21 April 2019225kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2017.09.pdf03 June 201892kB
2017.10.pdf03 June 201886kB
2017.11.pdf03 June 201888kB
2017.12.pdf03 June 201889kB


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publicmeetingnovember2010.pdf06 October 201458kB