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Beach Steps

Beach Steps

Added at 18:19 on 17 May 2023


The Findhorn Village Conservation Company (TFVCC) is raising funds to renew the beach steps on the backshore at Findhorn. Over the years, the eight sets of steps have fallen into disrepair. Since TFVCC took ownership of the steps they have carried out work to 'patch them up', however, the  steps have now deteriorated to such an extent  that they are unsafe and all need to be renewed. By renewing the steps it will ensure there is safe access to the beach along the sea defences.

Chair of TFVCC, Christine Hunt, said: We need to raise over £50,000 to renew all eight sets of steps. The stringers are in good condition so we dont need to replace them. This gives us a solid base to work from, however, we do need to replace all 192 treads.

We will be retaining as many of the posts and rails as we can to limit the amount of new wood we need to use. We plan to use locally sourced wood which will withstand the elements and last for 35-40 years, however, with ongoing maintenance it is anticipated that the new steps will be in place for longer than that.  Using locally sourced timber and reusing existing wood wherever possible will help to keep costs down as well as making a small contribution to helping the environment.

Chairman of Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation (MIRO), John Low, said: A day at the beach should be full of fun but we also need to be aware that this area is tidal and safe access over the boulders of the sea defences can be challenging. The beach steps provide safe extraction points which are important for the local community and for visitors who come to Findhorn to enjoy the beautiful beach and sea. MIRO fully supports replacing the steps and would encourage anyone who uses the beach to consider making a donation towards this very worthwhile project.

Christine added: We have been very busy applying for grants to fund the project. We have been successful in raising approximately half of the money we require but  we still have a shortfall of approx £25,000. Whether you are a walker, a swimmer, kite surfer or yoga enthusiast, the Findhorn Back Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on which to spend time.  If you are lucky you might even see Dolphins playing just beyond the surf! We are appealing to everyone who uses the beach to help us to raise the funds we need to make it an accessible safe place to visit.