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Added at 18:35 on 26 March 2020

The Findhorn Village Conservation Company

TFVCC values that visitors choose to spend their leisure time with family and friends in Findhorn, we have missed them. To help care for Findhorn and each other we ask that we all work together to make it easy as possible for us all to do the right thing.

Know the Guidelines

Our local businesses are working hard to keep everyone safe and are following within the relevant guidelines.  Please help them by following their instructions. Remember they are also finding this a challenging time and are working to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy.

We ask that visitors keep up to date with the guidelines, understand their responsibilities, adhere to social distancing and protect Findhorn, respecting any local measurers that have had to be put in place to ensure everybody is as safe as possible.

We ask that visitors research and plan for their trips taking into account available facilities, toilet provisions etc. Be prepared to flex your plan to help us care for our special environment. Be responsible and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code 

We ask our visitors that if ‘it feels too busy it is too busy’, be prepared to be flexible, move on and save your visit for another day.